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Al-Diraz Village Charitable Society was established in the name of Al-Diraz Charity Fund in 1993, by a group of loyal Diraz residents. The association had a tangible role for all the people of the village, and its activities were successful with God and with great success, the effects of which appeared in the few years after its establishment. The association aims to achieve social solidarity, to spread the love of charitable work in all its forms. To achieve these goals, the association assists the poor and needy in bearing the expenses of life to enjoy a decent life, helping young people to marry, contributing to furnishing their housing, and helping students to bear the costs of studying, and other charitable work.


We work to achieve interdependence and social cooperation efficiently and excellently, by providing the best charitable work for the Druze children easily and conveniently, with an Islamic framework.


Towards a conscious, connected, and accelerating society.